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Professional Flat Roofing Services in Southampton, Hampshire

Flat Roofing Services in Southampton, Hampshire

We specialize in the installation and repair of flat roofs for both domestic and commercial customers. Our team of flat roof experts have vast experience working with flat roofs of all sizes, and we use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your flat roof is installed or repaired to your exact specifications.


We understand that a flat roof is a critical component of any building, and that is why we take great pride in offering high-quality services that ensure your roof remains in excellent condition for years to come. Whether you need a new flat roof installed or an existing one repaired, we have the skills and expertise to deliver a solution that meets your needs.


Our flat roofing services include installation, replacement, and repair. We work with various materials, including EPDM, GRP, Single Ply Roofs, and Felt Roofs, and we can install flat roofs on properties of all sizes. We also offer additional services, including roof inspections and maintenance, to ensure your flat roof remains in top condition throughout its lifespan.


Our team of flat roof experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences and ensure we deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations.


If you need flat roofing services in Southampton, Hampshire, look no further than Southampton Roofers. Contact us today or fill out our online enquiry form to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.

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What are the Benefits of Flat Roofs?

Flat roofs have become increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits. They are cost-effective, easy to install and maintain, and can be used for various purposes. Flat roofs can also increase the usable space of a building and are ideal for installing solar panels. Additionally, they provide a sleek and modern look to any property. Our team of Southampton roofers can help you take advantage of these benefits with our expert installation and maintenance services.

Flat roofs have become increasingly popular over the years due to their numerous benefits. One of the most significant advantages of flat roofs is their speedy installation process. Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs are relatively simple and easy to install, requiring less time and effort. Depending on the size of the project, a new flat roof can be installed relatively quickly, making it an excellent option for those who want a quick and hassle-free installation process. 


For instance, a garage roof or small commercial building can install a new flat roof within 1-3 days, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional roofing methods. Overall, the speedy installation process of flat roofs is an excellent benefit that many homeowners and business owners can appreciate.

Flat roofs offer a variety of benefits, including durability and versatility. These roofs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and can last up to 50 years, depending on the materials and methods used in construction. Flat roofs are also incredibly versatile, offering various design possibilities. 


Materials used can cover the entire roof space, allowing for installing solar panels or other units without occupying much-needed indoor space. The extra space from a flat roof can be used for various purposes, such as outdoor living areas or roof gardens. Overall, flat roofs are a smart choice for those seeking durability and flexibility in their roofing options.

Flat roofs have been gaining popularity recently due to their many benefits. One of the main advantages of a flat roof is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs have a low pitch angle of just 10 degrees, so cleaning and maintenance can be done much quicker. Additionally, the design of flat roofs makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas, saving time and money on repairs. With flat roofs, you can rest assured that maintaining your roof will be a breeze, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your home or business.

Flat roofs offer a range of benefits, making them an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties. One significant advantage of a flat roof is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike pitched roofs, which require more materials and labour to install, flat roofs have a quicker installation time, making them less expensive. 


Additionally, their easy maintenance requirements mean that they will avoid incurring costly repairs in the future. Furthermore, flat roofs have excellent energy-efficient properties, which can significantly reduce energy bills over time. Their long lifespan, ranging up to 50 years, also ensures they are a cost-effective investment for property owners.


The Different Types of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs come in various materials and designs, each with unique features and benefits. These types include EPDM, GRP, Single Ply Roof, and Felt Roofs. Understanding the differences between these options can help you decide which is best for your home or business. Let’s explore each type in more detail.

EPDM flat roofs are made of a synthetic rubber membrane that is durable, waterproof, and flexible. Firestone EPDM, Rubberbond Fleeceback EDPM, and Classicbond EPDM are three different types of EPDM flat roofs that can be installed. Firestone EPDM is known for its long lifespan and resistance to UV rays, while Rubberbond Fleeceback EDPM has an extra layer of protection against punctures and tears. Classicbond EPDM is easy to install and can be used on various surfaces. EPDM roofs are beneficial because they require minimal maintenance, are resistant to extreme weather conditions, and have a long lifespan compared to other flat roof types.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Fibreglass flat roofs comprise multiple layers of glass fibre matting reinforced with a polyester resin. The materials used in this type of flat roof make it highly durable and long-lasting. GRP roofs are water, fire, and UV ray resistant and require little maintenance. The materials are also lightweight and ideal for flat roofs with limited load-bearing capacity. GRP roofs have a seamless finish, making them highly resistant to leaks. Compared to other flat roofs, GRP roofs are highly cost effective and can last over 30 years with proper installation and maintenance.

Single-ply roofs are a flat roofing system that uses a single material layer to provide waterproofing and protection against the elements. Typically made from synthetic materials like PVC, TPO, or EPDM, single-ply roofs are known for their durability, flexibility, and ease of installation. These materials offer several benefits for flat roofs, including resistance to UV rays, punctures, and tears and excellent weather resistance in extreme temperatures. Compared to other flat roofs, single-ply roofs are also cost-effective, low-maintenance, and have a longer lifespan. These benefits make single-ply roofs a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings.

A felt flat roof is a type of roof that is commonly used on flat or low-sloping roofs. It is made up of multiple layers of bitumen, a type of tar-like substance that is bonded together using heat. The layers are then covered with felt to provide additional strength and waterproofing. The materials used in felt roofs are durable and provide excellent waterproofing, essential for flat roofs. Additionally, felt roofs are easy to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective choice for many homeowners. Felt roofs are more resistant to damage from heavy foot traffic or weather conditions than other flat roof types.


Frequently Asked Questions

Flat roofs are a popular roofing option for commercial and residential buildings. However, they are susceptible to leaks due to a variety of factors. Improper installation is one of the most common causes of flat roof leaks, as it can result in gaps, punctures, or inadequate waterproofing. 


Additionally, ageing of the roof can cause deterioration of the materials, making it more prone to leaks. Lack of maintenance can also lead to flat roof leaks, as debris can accumulate and cause damage. Severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or hail can also cause damage to flat roofs, leading to leaks. 


Finally, clogged or blocked drainage systems can prevent water from draining off the roof, resulting in pooling and eventual leaks.

The lifespan of a flat roof depends on several factors. The type of material used, quality of installation, and regular maintenance all play a significant role in determining how long a flat roof will last. If high-quality materials are used and the installation is done correctly, a flat roof can last for 20 to 30 years. However, regular maintenance is crucial in ensuring the roof lasts as long as possible. Neglecting maintenance can lead to minor issues that could escalate into more significant problems, reducing the roof’s lifespan. Regular inspections and repairs can help extend the life of a flat roof.

Flat roofs are susceptible to damage due to harsh weather conditions, temperature changes, and regular wear and tear. Therefore, inspecting them regularly is essential to identify and promptly address any issues. Flat roofs should be inspected at least twice a year, during the spring and fall, to assess the roof’s overall condition, check for leaks, and address any necessary repairs. 


Additionally, after severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, or hail, it is crucial to inspect the roof to ensure it has not sustained any damage. Regular inspections can help extend the lifespan of a flat roof, prevent costly repairs, and ensure the safety of the building’s occupants.

Installing a flat roof can be a complex process, and the time it takes to complete it will depend on several factors. One of the most significant factors that can affect the installation timeline is the size of the roof. Larger roofs will take more time to install, and the complexity of the roof design can also impact the installation time. 


Additionally, the type of material used will also influence the duration of the installation process. Weather conditions can also play a role, as certain materials may need to be installed under specific weather conditions. Generally, a professional contractor can install a flat roof in about 2-5 days on average, but the exact timeline will vary depending on these factors.

Yes, flat roofs can be insulated using various insulation options. One popular method is rigid board insulation, which involves installing rigid foam insulation boards on top of the roof’s surface. Another option is spray foam insulation, which is applied directly onto the roof’s surface and expands to fill gaps and crevices. Reflective insulation, which uses reflective materials to reflect heat away from the building, is also a viable option. Properly insulating a flat roof can help improve energy efficiency, reduce heating and cooling costs, and provide better indoor comfort for the occupants of the building.

Professional Flat Roofing Services Near Me

Our experienced and skilled roofers are dedicated to providing high-quality roofing solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Our flat roofing services include installing, repairing, and maintaining various flat roofing systems, including EPDM, GRP, Single Ply Roofs, and Felt Roofing. We understand that a well-maintained and durable flat roof is essential for the protection and safety of your property, which is why we use only the best materials and techniques to ensure that your roof remains sturdy and leak-free for years to come.


Our flat roofing services cover the following areas:


  • Bursledon
  • Chandlers Ford
  • Dibden Purlieu
  • Eastleigh
  • Fair Oak
  • Hamble-le-rice
  • Hedge End
  • Hythe
  • Netley
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  • West End
  • Winchester


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